Press Release April 2015

By Administrator

7th Apr 2015

Primus has started the major refurbishment and redevelopment of buildings contained at 6 Erskine Road, London.   

The site currently consists of six independent buildings. The scheme is to extensively refurbish four of the buildings, including Leeder House at the front of the site, which will be converted into four residential apartments.                                                                                                                                          

Building 5, behind Leeder House, will be demolished and a new office building erected in a similar style to the existing buildings.                                                                                                                         

Building 4 has already received consent for refurbishment and extension in a previous planning application.              

The floor plates of the existing buildings will have their existing support facilities removed from their interiors to create larger and more efficient floor plates.  New cores containing modern services will be erected between the existing buildings to comply with modern requirements and standards. 

Alasdair Donnachie: 020 7330 9233

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