Charity Car Rally

By Administrator

25th May 2009

In June, Primus Managing Director, Martin Tidd took part in a Charity Rally organised by The Supercar Club driving his own car from the Brooklands Car Museum in Surrey all the way to Monte Carlo.

The Rally lasted 5 days and 36 cars took part (although only 34 finished) and the route took them through the French vineyards, across the Alps and into Italy and at each stop there was a clue to help the drivers and their navigators work out the next destination.

One of the highlights of the week was the chance to drive around the famous racetrack on the roof of the old FIAT factory, six stories above the city of Turin, made famous by the film The Italian Job. Martin also conducted a live radio interview with the BBC Three Counties Radio Station from 8,500 ft up in the Alps before driving back into France and arriving at the finish line in front of the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

The event raised an incredible six figure sum for the UK based charity, Children with Aids, of which 4k generously came from Primus sponsors.

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